Spotting Disinformation Campaigns

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    This year is likely to see a lot of disinformation due to the number of key elections happening. In today’s information age, it’s crucial to be able to critically evaluate the information we consume.

    So, how can we protect ourselves? Here are some key tips for identifying disinformation:

    Check the source: Is it a reputable organisation or person? Checks on Companies House or searching their name in quotes on a search engine can help.
    If it’s an image do a reverse image search to find where else it is being used and what is being said about it.

    Look for evidence: Does the information align with established facts?
    Are there others who are saying the same thing? (You may need to check that they aren’t all citing the same source)
    Can you verify through images shared on social media?

    Be wary of emotional triggers: Is the content designed to invoke a response rather than inform you?
    Is the content designed to manipulate into commenting or sharing?

    This is just a start but by following these steps and being aware of common disinformation tactics you can stay one step ahead.

    Some useful resources:
    Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats –
    Google Fact Check –
    Full Fact –

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