A list of underrated OSINT Github tools (Very limited)

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    GHunt (https://github.com/mxrch/GHunt) is an offensive Google framework tailored for OSINT operations. Key features include CLI and Python library usage, fully asynchronous operations, JSON export capabilities, and a browser extension for simplified login. GHunt allows users to gather detailed information about email addresses, Gaia IDs, and Google Drive files, making it a versatile tool for investigators.


    GitFive (https://github.com/mxrch/GitFive) is an OSINT tool designed to investigate GitHub profiles. It offers historical usernames and names, email address to GitHub account matching, analysis of repositories for linked identities, identification of potential secondary accounts, and JSON export support. GitFive optimizes API usage and performs tasks asynchronously, ensuring efficient and comprehensive profile analysis.


    Holehe (https://github.com/megadose/holehe) specializes in finding registered accounts from email addresses across numerous websites, including social media platforms. Features include checks over 120 sites using the forgotten password function, ensuring no alerts are sent to the target email, and JSON output with recovery email and phone number details. Holehe is a powerful tool for uncovering linked accounts and gathering associated recovery information.


    Sherlock (https://github.com/sherlock-project/sherlock) identifies social media accounts by username across 400+ networks. Highlights include extensive network coverage, Tor and proxy support, CSV and JSON export options, and verbose and debug mode for detailed analysis. Sherlock is excellent for tracking down user presence across multiple social media platforms quickly and efficiently.


    Maigret (https://github.com/soxoj/maigret) is a comprehensive tool for collecting profiles by username, checking over 3000 sites. It includes profile parsing and recursive searches, tag-based and site-specific searches, censorship and CAPTCHA detection, and HTML and PDF report generation. Maigret simplifies extensive searches and provides detailed reports, making it ideal for thorough investigations.


    CCTV (https://github.com/IvanGlinkin/CCTV) revolutionizes location tracking via Telegram. It offers real-time location tracking within 50-100 meters and integration with the Telegram API, with customizable tracking settings via a configuration file. While powerful, users must be cautious as Telegram has started banning accounts utilizing the “Find People Nearby” feature. CCTV is best suited for logistics and safety tracking purposes.


    Hi Nathaniel,
    A great list, thanks for starting it off.

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